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Cars have evolved...

And so should the way you purchase one

At NYC Auto, our main goal is to change the source where new car buyers have access to exclusive information about the most competitive prices provided by manufacturers and authorize franchise Dealerships.



Build your car

Click on the brand of your choice and we will direct you to the manufacture official website, there you can get more information about the vehicle, model, trim, equipment and color available to the market.

*(Vehicle availability is subject to verification by the Dealership Inventory)

get in touch

Once you decided on the vehicle that works best for you and for your budget contact us and one of our broker agents will provide you with information about the process.



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* We recommend that the consumer test drive a vehicle at a local dealership.




Submit your information to the Dealership for final approval.

*We are not a licensed new car Dealership, we are not loan providers and we can't guarantee that will get approved for a loan or qualify for any special rates.




We'll take care of the rest.

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Let us deal with the dealerships & salesmen.
We'll reach out to you once the vehicle is ready for delivery.

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